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About the Set.

This set is inspired by Tiger's Eye and Perdiot.

Death had dark wings and moved with the shadows. That is how I remembered it, when I returned to Ecotana. What it was, I don't know and I still don't know, but it was powerful and ancient. Fear drove my feet faster than I ever could and I just barely make it back on the other side of the gate. In Ellylion, I sealed off the gate; and I don't know how I did it though Mylan has asked me a hundred times at the very least. One day, I will have to return. I know that, but right now it is unimaginable to me how I will face what lies on the other side.

For now, those I brought with me from Ecotana to Ellylion will have to remain here and I think in time they will forget they ever came from a world called Ecotana. I feel badly about that. Alexandir, I fear, lacks any feelings for these people or his role in their undermining. I don't think I will ever forget the last days upon Ecotana, in the valley of thunder and the nations that gathered there to make war. And it was a war with no winners only losers....even this sad reminant I gathered to me and was not enough, but it was all I could do.

So much was lost on Ecotana that these words I now write will never be able to describe it adequately and in truth I doubt even I understand the full extent of that lost. Lord Tijan Caolon gave me a brooch of tiger eye and peridot, a present of good will and peace, but that was in the early days when I visited Ecotana. During the last moments of the war, when there was no river that did not run red with blood, the brooch was lost. It must have slipped from my dress as we passed through the gate. I suppose it was fitting. In time it came to symbolize in my mind all that had been lost on Ecotana.

from....Reflections on Ecotana, by Senophe, the name she took upon Ecotana during the last days.

Set Dedication

There have been people all along the way that have made a difference in my life. These sets are dedicated to them.

This set is dedicated to Kent whom I know as Bowulf, because he knows how to discern a national treasure.

Font used is Faustus, created by Butch Mahoney. Faustus can be found at Abstract Fonts as well as other places on the www.
Font color is: Black with Special effects, the other set is effects to achieve the metallic appearance.
Background color is: R= 170 B= 110 G= 165


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