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About the Set.

This set is inspired by bronze and the crackled paint upon fences.

By the light of stars, I found the fence, the paint chipped and the wood cracked. By some miracle the gate stumbled into my hands. And when I opened the gate, rusty hinges did not betray me. Beyond the fence is a house where it is said they meet; a house that flickers with light.

I move quietly and stay low so no one hears and no one sees me. Beneath opened windows, I stay and listen to the husky voices inside loosen by draughts of ale. Smoke softens the sharp edges within, as they talk, plotting death, plotting wars. Small people, who'd be better of tending fields, but in whose hearts, discontent has moved them to conspire against their own.

It was in the early summer months just beyond a picket fence that would see the murder of King Ichobara and then the fall of his Kingdom to its very end. The world of Elodarin would recover, but this single event heralded the dark days ahead.

From the Elodarin Journals, King Ichobara, a Late Entry, by Devloralyn (the name the Lady took during her stay upon Elodarin).

Set Dedication

There have been people all along the way that have made a difference in my life. These sets are dedicated to them.

This set is dedicated to Wes whom I affectionately know as Raver, for the many times you have been a hero to me.

About the Set.

If you prefer the metal scrollwork then you might prefer to use the jpg below for your top border.

Font used is Ravenna from Scriptorium
Font color is: Black
Background color is: R= 26 B= 87 G= 53


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