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About the Set.

This set is inspired by my own rendering of sapphire. Actually, nature's sapphire has more violet in it and doesn't have all the light this stone has; also, this stone is too dark to be a blue topaz, or zircon or aquamarine.

Zipher's Song

Snow grips the world in winter's dream.
The prayer bells toll the evening hour that ushers in the stars.
Lost in the legend of Saire, mother of all
I wait at the gates of heaven,
Standing in Your watch tower
Seeking a sign in the dark waters above.
I stand barefoot in Your presence,
My head annointed in scented oils
While a single candle burns away time.
Crowned with moonlight I bend my knee.
There is no secret in my heart.
Ringed three times three;
I wait upon Saire,
Upon the Lady of all our hopes.

Seven moons rising,
Reindeer leaping,
A touch of silk like water falling across my eyes,
And I dream below tangled roots.
Blood stained roots and flashes of fire
Vanish the darkness.
Bell-ringers toll the dead,
Red foxes run before the shrieking
Distance explodes melting it into
The sleeping....the quiet silence.
I awaken 'neath the fall of soft snowflakes
Feeling like ashes burned away by Saire
My skin dark as soot, shinning in the shadows
Three times three I arise before You.
The prayer bell marks the avent of dawn.
"Forget us not, Lady Saire."
From heaven's gate I depart
Born anew.

From the Risvetti Codex

Set Dedication

There have been people all along the way that have made a difference in my life. These sets are dedicated to them.

This set is dedicated to Jeren because he sees the magic in a word-smith.

Font used is Reynard from Scriptorium
Font color on first set of buttons is black and on the second set it is: R= 1 B= 174 G= 40
Background color is: R= 63 B= 86 G= 68


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