1. These graphics are LINKWARE, meaning that if you use them, you must provide a link back to http://www.ritualmyth.com, and credit me with the graphics on EVERY PAGE that you use one or more of my graphics by using the linkback logo button provided with each set. Do not use any other linkback logo button but the one provided with the set. If you use one of my sets E-mail me with the URL so I can visit your site.

  2. You may NOT alter any of my images in any way, period. You may not mix and match my images with others. These graphics come in complete sets and are meant to be used that way, although you do not have to use every piece in the set. You may add your own text to the blank buttons, splash page elements and title graphics. Adding text does not make the graphic/graphics yours. If you have something special you need, contact me, my rates are reasonable for custom work.

  3. These graphics are only to be used for PERSONAL web pages only. No businesses or professional sites may use them. If you have a professional, business, commercial or non-profit organization and wish to use my graphics please email me for licensing or purchase information. Unless otherwise stated on the page of the set, these graphics are available for purchase or licensed for use. If purchased, the set will be removed from availability upon receipt of payment. The sets are available on a first come first serve bases.

  4. NONE of these images, may be distributed or resold. These graphics may NOT be included in any other collection, CD, free graphics archive or graphic collection site, web site, in any electronic form, or in any publishable form including but not exclusive to: books, magazines, journals, newspapers, brochures, pamphlets, etc... period.

  5. The ONLY images available are those located under Linkware Sets. NONE of the images you see on any of my other pages can be used, licensed or purchased.

  6. You may not link to any image on my site. That is referred to as "bandwith robbery". If you decide to use my linkware set images, and meet the criteria: please right click on them and "SAVE AS" to save it onto your own computer. Save my bandwidth for more sets. I will check my images from time to time and any image on this site could be replaced with anything. So please, don't link to my images.

  7. I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time for any reason.

  8. All of my work including all images are fully protected by copyright laws. Do not think that because you are in another country, you are exempt. I reserve the right to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any individual, business, organization or other entity for violation of copyright laws involving my work.

    I have read ALL of the above and

    AGREE to the terms and conditions.....Take me to the Linkware SETS!!!

    DISAGREE to the terms and conditions.....Take me out of here!!!

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