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Alternate Set

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About The Set

The beach is the inspiration for this set.
In the world of Ellylion, there is an unusual beach called Therosa.....

It was like all the other shells that had washed up onto the beach. Smooth underneath and rough on the outside with a crust of sand still clinging to it, the shell had almost a blue hue to it. Slowly she picked it up and like she had so many times as a child, held it up to her ear to listen to the sounds of the ocean.
The distant roar of the ocean was not what she heard, least it is was not what captured her attention though surely it roared in the background. Rather she heard the ancient whisperings of a shell that had existed some two thousand years. Whisperings of things it had witnessed.
Carefully she listened.

Softly the shell whispered, "The stars of the heavens spelled out his name. But we knew him before he tangled the blood lines.....when he was still bound by the secret, ancient ways. He shaped from a fall of light, a cloak of white at his back like a mantle of snow and stars. They said he came from the south, from the summer countries, but we knew better, knew what he was and why he had come into the world. And he would change it in ways no one had ever dreamed....." The whisperings died away in the roar of ocean.

With a frown, she set the shell back up on the beach with a delicate grace as one might a precious book of records. She looked around at the other shells and wondered if they would pick up the same story or tell her of different things.

Set Dedication

There have been people all along the way that have made a difference in my life. These sets are dedicated to them.

This set is dedicated to Todd, whom I affectionately know as Purdan. He has been a friend and helped me so often with various things. He has ever been present and willing to look at my developing images more numerous than the sands on a beach or stars in the sky.
This one is for you Purdan because you know life is a beach, sometimes.

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