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About the Set.

This set is inspired by dreams, myths and symbolism.
Please note that the roll-overs in the set do not go anywhere.
They are there strictly for display so you can see how the roll-over looks.

It was a sunless sea that glimmered from the light of twin moons hung low
Just beyond the twisted Eglantine it lay, the Autumn Sea.
Mellora went there upon pilgrimage to perform sacred rites according to her vows.
She was Fan Carrier to the Lady, it was her right.
Ivy-crowned she left the glittering spires of the city,
A cartographer's map sealed with a compass rose guided their way.
Two weeks out, maybe three, the paths tangled and the ravens cried
The Shadowed Ones took her and companions three beyond the gate that rust and cobwebs had claimed long ago.
Through blindfolds, the slow agony of fire and the bitter taste of metal, they bled the moon
Through the smoke she crawled out with dry bones and ashes mixed with blood.
She found him, cold to the touch, eyes closed against the terror
And also that there might be no memory left behind.
To her feet she managed and stumbled beyond the rusty gate and hedge-rows
Her companions scattered the darkness thin and woke the one she thought dead.
But only Basset followed after Mellora
Back home, hound and horn echoed in the high woods, hunting for the Shadowed Ones.
Down to the Autumn Sea she went passing into an endless night
She walked into the blood red sea toward the twin moons.
Mellora became legend and a symbol of ancient omens
Three generations dreamed her beside haunted streams
Basset dreamed her in all the dark hours of his life.
Till on the threshold he finally found her and with one embrace she pulled him through

***** ***** *****

Sometimes I still see her in the moonlight, walking across the Autumn Sea
And Basset.....searching the shore for a name.

Set Dedication

There have been people all along the way that have made a difference in my life. These sets are dedicated to them.

This set is dedicated to the person I know as Basset, because he journeyed to the Autumn Sea long ago.

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