Web Design: Design of web pages from the ground up at $75 per hour. Email me at Ritual Myth with a description of what you are wanting and then I can make an estimate.

Graphic Design: Unique graphic design at $75 per hour. Again, total cost varies depending on the complexity of the design.

Linkware: A variety of Linkware is available, each is individually priced with prices subject to change without notice. Email me concerning any set you are interested in and I can provide you with the cost for that set. All Terms and Conditions still apply; please read the Terms and Conditions before using or emailing me concerning Linkware purchases.

Graphics For Sale: Here are a collection of ready-made graphics for businesses. The "sample" wording will be removed from these sets upon purchase. The sets sell for $100 each and includes four text links and company name (all non-java rollovers). Additional text links are $15 each and java roll overs are $30 each as each one involves two images. Addition of a company logo varies depending on the complexity involved. These prices are for exclusive use and will be removed from this site upon reciept of payment. Prices are subject to change without notice. Email me at Ritual Myth concerning details.

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