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Please note that the roll-overs in this interface do not go anywhere.
They are there strictly for display so you can see how the roll-over looks.

Click here to download the zipped up file of The Midnight Star including the html for the table layout.

About the Interface.

This interface is inspired by pewter, marbles and salmon-coloured jewels.

Set Dedication

There have been people all along the way that have made a difference in my life. These sets are dedicated to them.

This set is dedicated to Lily in celebration of her 60 something birthday, but who is counting? This is for all the encouragement you gave me over the years that began with a drawing of Emer, a creature born from my imagination at the kitchen table during one of my summer retreats. A million thank yous!!

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Title Font color is: R=119 B= 56 G= 81
Background color is Black.


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